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Rixey Outdoors was founded to bring innovative, quality products to today's outdoorsmen and women. With nearly 30 years of experience hunting the swamps and green timber of Arkansas, owner and operator, Todd Ezzi, is ready to put Rixey Outdoors’ products up against any in the industry. It has been a top priority from the beginning to use the skills and craftsmanship of American workers to produce our products in the U.S.A. 

The Name 

Rixey, Arkansas is a small community on the outskirts of Central Arkansas. Surrounded by cypress brakes and bayous, Rixey has been the destination for huge numbers of migrating waterfowl and hunters alike through generations. 

Rixey Original Dog Stand 

Deep in the heart of the famed Bayou Meto WMA, inventor, Todd Ezzi, came up with the idea of creating a collapsible and easily portable dog stand. Not only is it easy to carry, it is more versatile than any other stand. It can connect to nearly any tree, from only 4 inches wide to nearly 10 feet in circumference, has a working load limit of 120 lbs, and weighs less than 8 pounds. After starting with the original garage made prototype, then years of product redesign, testing, and retesting, Rixey Outdoors has a final product that is unparalleled. If you consistently hunt with a dog, you need to add this stand to your duck hunting gear. You will never be limited on where you can hunt by your dog stand again. 

Patent Pending.

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